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Mini Vacuum Pump

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Want to makescriptione food preservation easy?

Our mini vacuum device is designed to instantly draw air out of food bags with a single tap of the button

It keeps all food ingredients fresher, which prevents your food from oxidation, bacteria growth, mildew and prevents your food from going bad

Product Highlights
Easy To Use - Auto vacuum sealing without air leakage, convenient to package your food.
Multi Purpose - Great for preserving the freshness of meat, fruits, beans, seafood, rice, grains, etc.
Anti Leak Design - Permanent Auto vacuum sealing without air or liquid leakage

nput Voltage: 5V

Battery Capacity(mAh): 800

Product size(L x W x H): 0.85 x 0.52 x 0.52 cm / 0.33 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches

- Portable design, mini size, and lightweight
- One-key switch, easy to operate
- USB rechargeable

Starter Pack Content:
- 1 x Vacuum Pump
- 5 Small Compression Bags